Metric Size, 
Plastic Digital Position Indicators

Electronic, with LCD Display

EN 9054

Elesa Model DD51-E


RoHS Compliant

Housing: Technopolymer plastic (Polyamide PA)
Orange RAL 2004 or Gray RAL 7035
Shaft receptacle: Stainless steel, European Standard No. 1.4301 (American Standard Series 304)
Set screw: M5, stainless steel with internal hexagon and serrated point
Seal: O-ring seal between hollow shaft and housing, NBR rubber (Perbunan) (only for Type 1)

EN 9054 position indicators are extremely versatile in use, with virtually every counting option selectable directly at the device via the operating keys. The power necessary for the display is supplied by a long-life battery.
The indicators are plugged directly onto the spindle via their hollow shaft, with the torque support defining the position for the mounting site. Mounted in this way, the indicators will detect the rotary spindle movement and show the appropriate value on the display.
Both housing sections are ultrasonically welded, making the housing highly tight, stable and compact.
The foam rubber seal prevents the transmission of vibrations and also acts as a seal.
Plastic is oil and solvent resistant.
Temperature resistant up to 50° C (120° F).
Housing in RAL 7021 black-gray available upon request.
See Mounting Instructions, Operating Instructions, and Protection Class IP Explanations.

See our technical section for bore tolerances.

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Part Number
Type 1
Protection Class IP 65
Type 2
Protection Class IP 67