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                         Section 1 - Adjustable Levers
                         Section 2 - Control Levers
                         Section 3 - Pull Handles and Access Hardware
                         Section 4 - Revolving and Operating Handles
                         Section 5 - Handwheels
                         Section 6 - Cranks
                         Section 7 - Leveling Elements
                         Section 8 - Clamping Knobs
                         Section 9 - Control Knobs
                         Section 10 - Indexing, Spring and Ball Plungers
                         Section 11 - Jig, Fixture and Fastening Components
                         Section 12 - Fluid Level Indicators and Components
                         Section 13 - Joints
                         Section 14 - Casters and Wheels
                         Section 15 - Toggle Clamps
                         Section 16 - Tube Clamping Components
                         Section 17 - Conveyor Components
                         Section 18 - Tools
                         Section 19 - Fasteners and Seals
                         Section 20 - Metric Electrical Components

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Information About Our Online Catalog
  Sections, Series Numbers, and Part Numbers
  The catalog is broken into twenty sections. Each section contains a variety of products of a similar nature. 
All the available sizes and types of a particular product are grouped together under a "series number." The series number is a combination of letters and/or numbers which is always found in the upper right corner of a product listing page.
Within a series you will find the various sizes and types of that particular part that are available, each with its own part number.
If you choose to contact us directly by phone (800-877-8351), please give your salesperson the part number and the series number of the part you are interested in. This expedites the process of locating the part you would like to purchase. Thank you.
  Part Number Link to Price Information
  When you click on a part number, you will see an "Item Detail" screen with price information for that part. You can use this screen to add any quantity of the item to your shopping cart if you wish.  
  RoHS Symbol - Compliant
RoHS Compliant

  The "RoHS Compliant " symbol indicates the product is RoHS compliant.  
  RoHS Symbol- Call
Call for RoHS

  The "Call for RoHS" symbol indicates the product may be RoHS compliant; please contact us with the specific part number to confirm..  
  Export Item Symbol
  The Export Item symbol appears on products which may be exported to countries outside North America. All items in our catalogs can be exported to Canada and Mexico.  
  Order Symbol

The Order symbol appears on pages that need to have changes made to the part number to indicate color or type preference.

Example - To Order a Specific Color:
The "K in the part number 10NA03K represents the GN 300 Tapped Type Black Adjustable Lever. For a different color, replace "K" with assigned suffix in the Specifications for that series.
Example for ordering an Orange Lever: 10NA03 + "O" = 10NA03O

  Call Symbol 
  The Call symbol indicates information regarding special modifications and alternate versions may be obtained by calling our sales staff.  
  Technical Symbol
  A Technical symbol appears if there is information in the Technical Section about the product.  
  Dimension Tables
  The Inch and/or Metric tables for each series appear on the lower portion the page. Above each table the dimensions of the table are stated. When both dimensions, Inch and Metric, appear, the primary dimensions of the table will appear in RED.  
  Quote Request Form
  Clicking on part numbers will provide you with price information. However, if you are interested in special items (machined, packaged, etc.) or special quantity, you can use this form to make your inquiry.
You may view the Quote Request Form at any time by clicking on the "Quote Request" button in the top button bar of every page. When you have added all the part numbers you wish, fill in the complete form and click the "send" button. An e-mail is then sent to our Sales Department with your request. We will respond as soon as possible by phone, fax or e-mail.
To use the Quote Request Form you must be connected to the Internet. If you do not have this ability, you may print the Quote Request Form and fax it to 800-472-0670.
  Download CAD Models
  FIRST TIME REGISTRATION: Simple registration is required the first time you attempt to download a CAD file. For files thereafter, you will not need to re-enter your information. Registration for CAD download is separate from registration to use our estore. After you click on a red CAD button you will be directed to the CAD sign-in screen. There you will see a "New Account" button; simply click it and fill in the short registration form. For CAD downloading thereafter, only your email address will be needed for you to log in.


1.  Click on the red CAD button adjacent to the desired part number.
2.  You will be directed to the page for CAD models for that part number. You may click on the "View 3D Model" button to view the model in pdf format in your browser if you wish. Otherwise choose your format from the dropdown menu in the upper right and click on the "Download 3D Model" to acquire that file.
  Search Feature
  On some pages of our site, there is a search window in the upper right corner that can be used to search directly.
Meanwhile, a red search button in the upper tool bar appears on every page of our site. Clicking this button will take you to the Search Page, where you can enter keywords or a specific series number to search for products. Just type in a word or words and press the find button. A list of results will appear, with links to the product pages.

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